Our Three Driving Priorities

Loving God

  • We are committed to loving God
    • first of all, most of all, best of all;
    • with all we are: heart, mind, soul and strength;
    • with all we have: time, treasure, talent;
    • in all we think, say and do.
  • Our consuming passion is
    • that God might be supreme
    • in our values;
    • in our affections;
    • in our commitments
  • We are committed to worship as:
    • our highest expression of love;
    • desiring and treasuring God above all else;
    • glorifying God by delighting in Him.
This priority is expressed most directly in our ministry
to God through corporate worship and the private life
of devotion.

Loving the People of God

  • We are committed to loving God’s people
    • by loving one another as Christ has loved us.
    • by serving each other out of reverence for Christ.
  • Our earnest desire is:
    • to live humbly, transparently, and sacrificially with each other
    • to be a family of God,
    • reflecting His image.
  • We are committed to nurture:
    • by helping one another grow in Christ;
    • by supporting each other on the journey;
    • by fostering each other’s passion for God and His all-satisfying glory.
This priority is expressed most directly in our ministry
to the people of God through nurture, edification, education
and equipping.

Loving the World to God

  • We are committed to loving the world
    • by reaching out with God’s love to those who don’t know Him;
    • by extending to them God’s offer of salvation and eternal life, and a personal relationship with Him.
  • Our sincere prayer is:
    • that unbelief will be turned into faith;
    • that rebels will become true worshipers;
    • that the blind will come to see Christ as more precious, more soul-satisfying than all the treasures of the earth.
  • We are committed to outreach:
    • by preaching and teaching the Gospel;
    • through acts of mercy and charity;
    • by the witness of Christ-like lives;
    • by sending the Gospel to all the earth.

This priority is expressed most directly in our ministry
to the world through missions, evangelism and
Christian service.