Fourth Sunday of the Resurrection – April 25, 2021

Published April 21, 2021 by Scott Aniol in Services

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God Calls Us to Worship Him

Scripture Reading: Psalm 8

We Exalt Our Glorious God

Hymn 183: Look, Ye Saints, the Sight is Glorious

Prayer of Praise

Easter Doxology


God Calls Us to Confess Our Sins

Scripture Reading: Matthew 5:27–30

We Confess Our Sins to God

Hymn 155: What Wondrous Love Is This

Silent Prayers of Repentance

Corporate Prayer of Confession


God Declares Us Forgiven through Christ

Declaration of the Good News: 1 John 3:23–24

Leader:  In Christ your sins are forgiven you!
People:  The Lord be praised!

We Praise God for Our Salvation

Hymn 310: How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds


God Speaks to Us through His Word

Scripture Reading: Exodus 20:14



We Respond to God’s Word

Hymn: We Own, O Lord, Thy Precept Just


Intercessory Prayer


God Sends Us Forth to Serve Him

Hymn 320: My Shepherd Will Supply My Need


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