Lord’s Day Service – February 16, 2020

Published February 10, 2020 by Scott Aniol in Services

20.02.16 CTK Worship Guide

As sinners, we are unworthy to draw near to the presence of God. Yet in his great mercy, God provided a means for sinners to approach him through a sacrifice of atonement offered by a high priest. Jesus Christ took on flesh so that he could become our merciful and faithful high priest, accomplishing atonement for those who trust in his sacrifice.


Leviticus 9:7–8, 22–24 – God called his people to draw near to him at Sinai, but in order to do so, Aaron the high priest had to offer a sacrifice of atonement. God calls us, too, to draw near to him through the atoning sacrifice he provided.


Hymn 10 Come, Thou Almighty King

Glory Be to the Father (12)


Matthew 4:1-11 – Not only does Jesus our high priest offer the sacrifice of atonement that brings us forgiveness, he also was tempted to sin, just as we are, and thus he can help us when we are tempted.

Psalm 51 – We will sing David’s prayer of confession as our own corporate prayer of confession.


Romans 8:1–2 – Because of Jesus’s sacrifice and high priestly ministry, there is now no condemnation for those who trust in him.

Hymn 224 Before the Throne of God Above — We rejoice that we have a great High Priest before the throne of God above, one who ever lives and pleads for us.


Hebrews 2:17–18 – “A Faithful High Priest”


Hymn 215 A Good High Priest Has Come – This hymn helps us reflect upon and rejoice in the truth of Christ’s high priestly ministry for us.


Just as the Israelites ate and drank in God’s presence after the high priest offered the sacrifice of atonement, so we whose sins have been forgiven through the sacrifice and high priestly ministry of Christ will eat and drink in God’s presence.


Hymn 192 Lord, Enthroned in Heavenly Splendor – We depart rejoicing in Christ, the great High Priest of our profession.

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