Lord’s Day Service – February 18, 2018

Published February 13, 2018 by Scott Aniol in Services

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The hymns and Scripture readings for this week’s service are posted below, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to give a quick word about the season we are entering as a church.

This Sunday is the first service in the season of Lent, and since there seems to be a lot of confusion in evangelical circles about Lent, I’d like to just briefly summarize how we at CTK observe the season (and how we don’t).

There are two ways a church can use the Church Year: as a helpful tool or as a legalistic burden. At CTK, we use the Church Year (Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Easter, Ascension Day, and Pentecost) as a tool that guides our Scripture readings and hymns, directing our attention to the coming, life, sufferings, death, resurrection, and ascension of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Some church traditions, however, require the observance of certain practices during Lent like penitence, fasting, putting ash on one’s head, abstaining from meat, etc., some even believing that such practices earn us merit and favor with God.

At CTK, we have two thoughts about this: First, we firmly believe that Christ sufficiently suffered on our behalf, and therefore those who believe in him need not “participate” in his suffering in any way, especially not in an attempt to earn favor with God. We are fully favored by God in Christ! So we want to deliberately avoid any notion of Lent that creates theological confusion.

Second, we believe that if individual Christians wish to fast or observe some of these other practices as spiritual disciplines, they certainly have biblical freedom to do so. But Jesus also clearly commanded that when we fast, we should do so in secret (Matt 6:16-18), and as a church we certainly may not make any of these practices a spiritual requirement (Romans 14:1-12).

So we will use the next six Sundays as a tool to remember various occasions in the life of Christ that led him to suffer for us on the cross. We do so, not to participate in his suffering or earn merit with God, but remembering that Jesus cried “It is finished,” having accomplished all the suffering necessary for our redemption!

If you are interested, here are a couple good articles that present the historic Reformed understanding of Lent:

Lent and the Regulative Principle of Worship

Repent of Lent: How Spiritual Disciplines Can Be Bad for Your Soul

Liturgy is cool

And now, here are the hymns and Scripture readings for this week’s service:

Sermon text: Hosea 3
Revelation: Mark 1:9-15
Confession: Isaiah 55:6-7 and Psalm 25:1-10
Expiation: 1 Peter 3:18

94 Comfort, Comfort Ye My People (YouTube)
All Praise Be to God (Tune 29)
85 Lord Jesus, Think on Me (Tune: 220) (YouTube)
We will alternate each stanza of this with Psalm 25:1-10
229 And Can It Be (YouTube)
296 Hark, the Voice of Jesus Calling (YouTube)

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