Lord’s Day Service – June 28, 2020

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Service order.


God Calls Us to Worship Him

Scripture Reading: Psalm 89:1–4, 15–18


We Exalt Our Glorious God

Hymn 53: I Sing the Mighty Power of God

Prayer of Praise

Doxology: (Tune 134)

Laud and honor to the Father, Laud and honor to the Son,
Laud and honor to the Spirit, Ever Three and ever One,
One in might and One in glory, While unending ages run.


God Calls Us to Confess Our Sins

Scripture Reading: Genesis 22:1–14

We Confess Our Sins to God

Hymn 84: Rock of Ages

Silent Prayers of Repentance

Corporate Prayer of Confession


God Declares Us Forgiven through Christ

Declaration of the Good News: Romans 6:23

Leader:  In Christ your sins are forgiven you!
People:  The Lord be praised!

We Praise God for Our Salvation

Hymn 149: Alas, and Did My Savior Bleed?


God Speaks to Us through His Word

Scripture Reading: Hebrews 9:13–22

Sermon: “Blood, Blood … Everywhere!”


We Respond to God’s Word

Hymn 228: Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness

Missionary Presentation from MAF missionary Stephen Hale:



God Sends Us Forth to Serve Him

Hymn 232: I Will Sing of My Redeemer


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