Lord’s Day Service – March 1, 2020

Published February 24, 2020 by Scott Aniol in Services

20.03.01 CTK Worship Guide

The hardness of heart demonstrated by the Hebrews during their wilderness wandering is often representative of our own sinful wandering as we journey through this life toward our rest across the Jordan. Yet Christ, the fount of all blessing, grace, and forgiveness, gives hope to those who hold their confidence fast in him.


Psalm 95:1–7a – God has given us every reason to praise him as the rock of our salvation, the King above all gods, and the shepherd who guides and protects us along the way.


Hymn 190 Come, Christians, Join to Sing – And so we shall praise Christ our King both in this life and when we cross into our final rest, across the Jordan in heaven’s bliss.

Corporate Prayers of Praise

All Glory to our Lord and God (Tune 44)


Exodus 17:1–7 – The failures of Israel during their wilderness wandering remind us of our own frequent failings.

Hymn 287 Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts – Our only hope is to turn once again to Jesus, the Fount of life and living Bread.


Romans 5:2 – We rejoice in hope of the glory of God that we have obtained access by faith into Christ’s grace in which we stand.

Hymn 253 Come, Thou Fount – Though we are often prone to wander, we praise God for his streams of mercy and grace that will lead us safely to arrive at home.

Proclamation & Dedication

Hebrews 3:6b–11



Hymn 264 Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah – We depart asking God to guide us as we travel through the wilderness of life, looking with hope to that day when we will tread the verge of Jordan, lifting eternal songs of praises.

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