Lord’s Day Service – March 8, 2020

Published March 2, 2020 by Scott Aniol in Services

20.03.08 CTK Worship Guide

The promise of a final rest has been extended to all who believe in Christ for salvation. Yet it is not through our own perfection that we gain this rest; Rather, as Abraham believed God by journeying in faith to that land God promised as his inheritance, so God calls us to come in faith, believing his promises through Christ, and following him steadfastly along the journey toward our promised rest.


Genesis 12:1–4a – God’s call to Abraham foreshadows the call he extends to us—believe his promises, and you will be blessed.


Hymn 7 The God of Abraham Praise – We praise Abr’ham’s God and ours!

All Glory to our Lord and God (Tune 44)


Psalm 121 – In spite of our sin (or, perhaps better, because of our sin), we can trust in the promises of God, for help comes from him who made heaven and earth. He will keep us from all evil; he will keep our life.

Hymn 77 Come to the Waters – God extends the invitation: Come, all who are weary, and you will find rest in him.


Romans 4:1–5 – Just as Abraham was declared righteous because of his faith in the promises of God, so for us justification comes by faith.

Hymn 228 Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness – God declares righteous those who put their faith in the righteousness of Christ and his death on their behalf.

Proclamation & Dedication

Hebrews 3:12–4:2


Hymn 265 Jesus, Still Lead On – In faith, we look to Christ as our all-sufficient guide as he leads us until we safely stand in our Fatherland.

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