Sunday Service – October 5, 2014

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14.10.05 CTK Service

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The primary theme running through this service is God’s revelation of himself through Creation, his Word, and ultimately the coming of Jesus Christ.


We begin with Psalm 19:1-6, which focuses our attention on God’s glory revealed in Creation. This revelation of God is as widespread as the heat of the sun–no one is left without a knowledge of God (see Romans 1:19-21). This is reason for praise!


We do just that with our hymn of adoration, “This is My Father’s World.” This hymn continues to emphasize the fact that God reveals himself through what he has made. The final stanza propels us forward in the service by beginning to give hints of what will be the primary subject of the morning’s sermon–God revealed in Christ’s Second Coming.

We continue with our response of praise for God’s revelation of himself through a prayer of praise and the singing of the Gloria Patri.


As Romans 1:19-21 make clear, God’s revelation of himself is cause not only for praise, but also of condemnation for those who are unrighteous. God reveals himself not only through Creation, but also through his Law, which verses 7-11 of Psalm 19 proclaim. The Law of the Lord is good, it is desirable, but only for those who keep it.

Being honest with ourselves, however, we recognize that we cannot keep the Law, and thus the Word of God that reveals the glory of God to us is also that which condemns us.

This recognition turns us away from any self-reliance and to a full reliance upon God, which we express through our hymn of confession, “Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy.”

We continue with a reading of that Law in the form of the Ten Commandments, which we will reflect upon and offer silent prayers of confession. We will then join our voices in a corporate prayer of confession, using the final verses of Psalm 19 (12-14) to ask our revealer God to forgive our lawlessness through Christ.


We then receive words of forgiveness from Philippians 3:9-11, which proclaims that our righteousness comes not through obedience to the Law but through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

We then sing “My Lord of Light Who Made the Worlds” (Tune), which reiterates all that we have thus observed: God’s revelation of himself through creation and the Law, our inability to keep the Law, and forgiveness through Christ, who knew no sin but took the punishment for ours.

Proclamation & Dedication

The sermon of the day, from Luke 17:20-37, directs our attention to a third source of God’s revelation–Jesus Christ–and specifically leads us to long for the day when he will be fully revealed in all his glory at his Second Coming. On that day, as we will sing in “Jesus Comes with Clouds Descending” (Tune), “Every eye shall then behold him robed in awesome majesty!”


We conclude the service with another hymn (“Christ is Coming! Let Creation” [Tune]) that announces the revelation of Christ at his coming, ending with a shout of Maranatha!–“Come, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come!”

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